Web Server Software


Grex's web server runs on our main server, an AMD Athlon machine running OpenBSD and the Apache web server software.

Create Your Own Web Page


Everyone is welcome to create a personal home page on Grex. There are hundreds of personal home pages here, which you can browse from Grex's user web page list.

The basic information and limitations are explained in the Grex Web Hosting Page.

If you have further questions about our web server, you can check the Grex WWW FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) list.

Grex's Webmasters

To contact Grex's webmasters, send mail to webmaster@grex.org. For non-web-related questions, such as lost passwords or problems with Grex, please send mail to the Grex staff (help@grex.org), not to the webmasters.

Steve Weiss is the volunteer who handles most of the technical aspects of web maintenance for Grex. He's also the webmaster for HVCN, another local non-profit organization.

Morena Vasquez helps maintain Grex's web pages and answers questions sent to the webmaster address. Morena is a good person to ask if you have any questions about web page creation. (But remember to check the Grex WWW FAQ first!)

Rob Argy is actually a webmister, not a webmaster. He came up with Grex's logo, and redesigned some of Grex's main web pages. You can contact Rob at ajax@grex.org.

Several other Grex staffers have helped with Grex's web pages, helped handle webmaster mail, or both. These people include Dan Gryniewicz, Jan Wolter, Mike O'Leary, Valerie Mates, and Marcus Watts.

Carl Miller and Rob Henderson have both contributed to Grex's web pages in the past, but are no longer active webmasters.

Web Server Statistics

We publish monthly Grex web server statistics about our web site. It shows information such as the most popular web pages on Grex by hit count, and the overall network throughput used by web requests.