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My photo - 8K jpeg

Cynthia (Sindi) Keesan
1730 Charlton Ave
Ann Arbor MI 48103

Telephones (wired VOIP)

home 914-236-6123, building site 914-236-6121 (512 Felch St.)

Email me at my last name at sdf period org

We have had a digital camera since 2001. If you hunt on the web you may find our old photos which used to be at Geocities site with our Sept. 2001 train and bike trip to Iowa and friends' photos. Others were at but there is a system-wide problem with websites Dec 2017.

See more photos of our 2002 bike trips and Ann Arbor and friends at my website or telnet to and sign up for a free shell account similar to grex.

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Cyrillic VGA Screen Fonts
Jim Deigert's free tiny text editor
2001 digital photos
later digital photos and a faster copy of this whole website

Read about my experience with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. (I have been well since 2004). late summer 2003
fall 2003.
winter 2003 to summer 2004