Michigan Natural Areas Council Membership/Renewal Application

We invite YOU to join the Michigan Natural Areas Council The pressures of urbanization and development and the destruction of habitats by uncaring use call for renewed efforts by citizens to save parts of the natural world for the future.

The MNAC is a non-profit organization and our membership is open to all individuals and organizations interested in furthering our goals. Just fill out the attached form.

[  ] New member          [  ] Renewal
Name: ___________________________________________



State:_____________ Zip:____________________________

Home telephone:___________________________________

Business telephone:_________________________________

Internet address:____________________________________

Fax#______________________[__] modem [__] fax


Conservation affiliations (check list and add others):

1. ____Michigan chapter, The Nature Conservancy

2. ____Michigan Audubon Society

3. ____Michigan Botanical Club

4. ____Mackinac Chapter, Sierra Club

5. ____Michigan Nature Association

6. ______________________________________________

7. ______________________________________________

8. ______________________________________________

Special interests:

1. ____Reconnaissance committees (vegetation)

2. ____Reconnaissance committees (wildlife)

3. ____Stewardship of designated natural areas

4. ____________________________________________

5. ____________________________________________

Please check:

[__] Student @ $15.00

[__] Regular membership @ $25.00

[__] Sustaining membership @ $40.00

[__] Donation $_________

Please enclose this form along with your payment and mail to:

Christopher L. Graham, MNAC Treasurer 
925 Aberdeen Drive 
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2807