My name is Misti Tucker and this is my personal home page. I know I'm always curious about what people I meet online look like, so here's a photograph of my husband and me at our wedding in 1996. It's the only one of me on the web so far as I know. I'll try to get more recent photos up one day soon.

I'm a founder and enthusiastic supporter of Grex, a public access, user run conferencing system in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Grex has hundreds of interesting conversations going on in it's conferences and offers lynx web surfing and free e-mail to its users. It's free and it's accessible 24 hours a day -- why not give it a try?

It's available

I'm also a size acceptance activist. You may wonder what that means ... quite simply, it means that I believe that all people, regardless of their size or how they look, should be treated with respect and that no one should have to deal with discrimination.

Since I was diagnosed in June of 1997, I've learned a great deal about living well with diabetes

I graduated in 1978 from Balboa High School in the Panama Canal Zone. It was long ago and far away, but some things you just never forget. ;)

I'm a technical writer , mostly documenting software.

My favorite form of physical activity (very important to a diabetic) is belly dancing . Best of all, my husband likes it too!

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